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US members can now request the withdrawal of funds.

Many US online players used Neteller as a home for their online bankroll, as moving funds from Neteller to and from the various online poker sites was very easy to do. However, these online bankrolls have been frozen since 3rd February, when US member accounts had their Peer-to-Peer transfer capability removed.

US customers will be able to login to their Neteller accounts until 26th January 2008, and make a withdrawal request for their funds. Funds can be withdrawn either by electronic transfer to the bank account on record with Neteller, or by a check to be sent to the customer's address. No transactions other than the withdrawal of the entire balance is allowed, and the Neteller account will then be permanently closed.

Neteller has launched the following distribution plan for the US customers, who have their accounts at the company:

Distribution Plan Summary

    • NETELLER started the process for the distribution of US member funds on 30 July 2007. 
    • US members were notified by email when the process started. 
    • US members should also check this site for updates.
    • NETELLER will issue an email to US members to announce when they can begin requesting funds.
    • US members must sign in to their NETELLER accounts to request the release of their funds.
    • US members will not be able to request funds from the NETELLER website after January 26, 2008.
    • Funds will be delivered by electronic transfer to the bank account on record with NETELLER or by cheque to the member's mailing address.
    • NETELLER will not charge withdrawal fees.
    • As NETELLER is returning $94 million to hundreds of thousands of US customers, it will take some time for all payments to be processed.
    • Please be careful of any phishing scams. Only log in to the website to request the return of funds. Remember it must have as the top level domain using the https security protocol - nothing else.

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